FFHC to acquire entire shareholding of JV, First-Aviva Life (“FAL”)



(Excerpt Translation)

FFHC announces today that it has signed a Share Purchase Agreement (“SPA”) with Aviva International Holdings Ltd. (“Aviva”) to purchase Aviva's entire 49% shareholding in joint venture, First-Aviva Life ("FAL").

The purpose of acquiring entire shareholding of FAL is to fulfill the strategy that extend life insurance business, scale up the size of group assets, and enhance synergy in cross-selling. It is expected that life insurance be one of core businesses of FFHC to support the asset management, product development, investment, and profit driver.

FFHC maintains its strong faith on Taiwan life industry in the long run, and shall continue securing business of FAL and ultimate commitment to its policyholders regardless of changing stakeholding structure. In the future, FFHC will allocate its resources with sustainable development in Taiwan life market.

First Financial Holding
Jennifer M.C. Liao
Spokesperson / Executive Vice President
Phone: (+886) 2 2348 4906
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Chien-Hao Lin
Deputy Spokesperson / Executive Vice President
Phone: (+886) 2 2348 4908
Fax: (+886) 2 2311 9691   

Press Release (PDF)

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